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Garbage Disposal Do’s And Don’ts

If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, you know that it’s a great and convenient option for your home. Having a garbage disposal doesn’t mean that you don’t have to engage in routine maintenance, however. Below are the do’s and don’ts of having a garbage disposal.

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Garbage Disposal Do’s

There are a few ways to keep your garbage disposal working great.

Use Plenty Of Water

When running your garbage disposal, it’s important to utilize plenty of water. The best way to keep your garbage disposal in the best shape possible is to use cold water while running.

You want the food particles to be washed down the drain while your garbage disposal is running. Using plenty of water ensures that food particles won’t get stuck within the machine and will instead ensure these particles make it into your draining system.

Using cold water helps to ensure any fat or grease in the food stays solid and doesn’t smear along the walls of your garbage disposal.

Run Your Disposal Monthly

Your garbage disposal needs to be run routinely to avoid build up. Running your garbage disposal at least once a month ensures that this build up doesn’t happen. It also helps to make sure that the mechanics of your garbage disposal are kept in working order and don’t break down over time.

Clean The Inside

Keeping your garbage disposal clean is another great way to maintain your disposal. Over time, the sludge of food waste will build up in your disposal. Putting baking soda down your garbage disposal and pouring vinegar on top creates a natural chemical reaction that will help to break down any leftover food waste in your disposal.

Another way to keep your disposal clean is to pour a little dish soap down the drain and run your garbage disposal with water. To keep your blade sharp, it’s a good idea to periodically dump ice cubes in your drain and run your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Here are a few don’ts when working with your garbage disposal.

Don’t Pour Grease, Fat, Or Oil Down Your Drain

Not only does grease, fat, and oil coat the inside of your disposal, it also coats the inside of your pipes. While warm, grease, fat, and oil are in liquid form, but as they cool, they solidify. This is one of the fastest ways to cause blocks in your plumbing system.

To dispose of grease, fat, or oil, wipe down your pans with a paper towel and dispose of these in the garbage instead of pouring it down your drains.

Don’t Put Non-Food Scraps Down Your Drain

Your garbage disposal is meant to deal with food. Putting metal, chemicals, cigarette butts, or other non-food scraps in your drain causes damage to your disposal and your pipes.

Non-food scraps should go into the garbage or the recycling bin depending on the scrap.

Avoid Accidental Utensils In Your Drain

When the sink is full and the water is keeping you from seeing the disposal, it’s easy to turn your disposal on. The problem with this is that it’s easy to miss a utensil in the drain.

The good news is that metal grinding will pull your attention. The bad news is that utensils can cause damage to your disposal. Turn your disposal off as soon as you notice something is wrong. Remove any utensils stuck in the disposal. However, if you notice the utensil is stuck, call a professional plumber immediately for plumbing services.

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