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We Provide Expert Boiler Repair For Homes & Businesses

Are you looking for professional boiler repair in Maplewood? Brinks Plumbing & Heating, LLCs offers boiler repair throughout the area to ensure your residential or commercial boiler is in the best shape possible.

Our experts are here to ensure your boiler is working properly. We can help whether you’re dealing with:

  • Leaking
  • No Heating
  • Gurgling, Banging, Or Whistling
  • Or More!

We’re known to be a skilled plumber service, but we also work with boilers and other heating options. If your boiler is damaged or you notice it’s not working correctly, our experts are here to help by doing a full assessment of your heating system and providing repairs.

If we can’t help you fix your boiler, we also provide boiler replacement services. Some boiler issues aren’t fixable, especially if your boiler is over 8 years old. Our experts will give you a full overview of your choices when it comes to boiler repair and help to provide boiler replacement if that’s the best option for your home or business.

To set up a boiler repair appointment with the Maplewood experts, call Brinks Plumbing & Heating, LLCs today at 1-908-258-0445 or complete our online request form.

Boiler Issues We Can Fix

Leaking is the most common boiler issue you’ll notice. Boiler leaking is often caused by an internal issue, such as a pressure valve or pressure seal. These leaks often happen because the pressure in your boiler is too high. Our experts can come in and adjust the pressure within your boiler to lower it until it no longer creates an issue.

Another cause of leaking might be corrosion in the pipes leading to and from your boiler. Our experts can assess the pipes near your boiler to ensure there isn’t an issue with corrosion. If there is an issue, we can help.

If you’re struggling with low to no heating, your boiler might suffer from faulty motorized valves, broken system diaphragms, or a broken thermostat. A trained engineer will be able to help with all of these issues and have your boiler up and running in no time.

While it is normal for your boiler to make some noises throughout the heating process, keep an ear out for any noises that are odd. Gurgling, banging or whistling that is odd might help to point toward a larger problem. These sounds can be caused by a faulty pump, air in the heating system or even buildup of limescale. These issues all require a qualified engineer to look at your boiler.

The experts at Brinks Plumbing & Heating, LLCs are here to help with all of your boiler issues. If you notice any of the issues listed above or other issues such as your thermostat not working, a faulty pilot light or more, call our experts today to get a full assessment of your system.

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